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TOP AEW star was actually NOT INJURED during a recent match

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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), fans were taken aback when FTR, a prominent tag team, lost their titles to Big Bill and Ricky Starks.

The loss was so decisive that it left many wondering about the reasons behind such a dramatic title change. However, as it turns out, the title change was all part of AEW’s intricate storytelling.

The wrestling community was abuzz with rumours after Cash Wheeler, one-half of the FTR tag team, appeared to be injured during the AEW World Tag Team Title match. The speculation was so rife that many believed Wheeler’s supposed injury was the reason behind FTR’s title loss.

However, Dave Meltzer clarified on Wrestling Observer Radio that Cash Wheeler was, in fact, not injured. The entire scenario was a storyline twist, masterminded by FTR themselves. They wanted the match to unfold in that particular manner, and there was no real injury to Wheeler.

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The Implications of Faking Injuries in AEW and Beyond

While AEW is known for its innovative angles and storylines, the act of feigning an injury is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it adds an element of surprise and intrigue to the narrative.

On the other hand, it can be a cause for concern. Injuries in professional wrestling are serious matters that should be addressed with transparency.

Using them as a mere plot device can lead to fans feeling deceived and concerned. It’s a delicate balance that promotions like AEW need to maintain to ensure the trust and engagement of their audience.

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FTR’s Current Direction

Despite the controversy, it’s clear that FTR is in good shape and ready to wrestle.

The storyline twist is just a part of the direction they are currently taking in AEW.

As always, the wrestling world will be watching closely to see how this narrative unfolds and what’s next for FTR.

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  • Was Cash Wheeler really injured during the AEW World Tag Team Title match?
    • No, Cash Wheeler was not injured. It was a part of the storyline.
  • Why did FTR lose their titles to Big Bill and Ricky Starks?
    • The title change was a part of AEW’s storyline, and the supposed injury to Cash Wheeler added a twist to the narrative.
  • Is faking injuries a common practice in AEW?
    • While AEW is known for its innovative storylines, faking injuries is a sensitive topic. It’s essential for promotions to handle such matters with care to maintain the trust of their audience.
  • What’s next for FTR in AEW?
    • FTR is fit and ready to wrestle. Fans can expect more exciting storylines involving the tag team in the future.

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