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AEW legend claims that leaving WWE for the company was the “biggest risk” of his career

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, decisions made by wrestlers can shape the trajectory of their careers. One such decision was made by Chris Jericho, a name synonymous with wrestling greatness. Jericho’s move from WWE to AEW in 2019 was not just a shift between promotions; it was a leap of faith into uncharted waters.

Chris Jericho’s legacy in WWE is undeniable. With a career spanning decades, he has cemented his place as a future Hall of Famer.

His charisma, in-ring prowess, and ability to reinvent himself have made him a fan favourite. So, when the news broke that he would be joining the newly formed AEW, it sent shockwaves through the wrestling community.

The Decision to Join AEW

AEW, which launched in early 2019, had a roster filled with potential. Yet, it was unproven, without even a television deal at its inception.

Jericho’s decision to jump ship was seen by many as a gamble. In a recent appearance on the Allison Hagendorf Show, Jericho opened up about this pivotal moment in his career. He stated that leaving WWE for AEW was probably the most significant risk he had ever taken.

At the time, AEW was just a vision backed by Tony Khan’s passion and financial support. However, Jericho believed in the potential of the roster and felt that with his involvement, they could secure a spot on television, which they eventually did with TBS.

Changing the Landscape of Wrestling

Jericho’s belief wasn’t just in AEW’s potential for success; it was in the possibility of changing the wrestling industry for the better.

He felt he had achieved all he could in WWE and didn’t want to become just another name on the roster. His ambition was to make a difference, to offer wrestlers an alternative place to work, and to provide fans with another wrestling product to enjoy.

His gamble paid off. AEW not only survived but thrived, defying critics who believed it would fold within months.

The Impact of Jericho’s Move

The wrestling industry has always been competitive, but for years, WWE enjoyed a near-monopoly. Jericho’s move to AEW and the promotion’s subsequent success have proven that there’s room for more than one major player in the game.

AEW’s rise has given wrestlers more options and fans a fresh perspective on professional wrestling.


  • Who is Chris Jericho?
    • Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler with a career spanning decades. He is a future WWE Hall of Famer and was one of the first major stars to join AEW.
  • What is AEW?
    • AEW, or All Elite Wrestling, is a professional wrestling promotion launched in 2019. It has quickly become one of the top wrestling promotions in the world.
  • Why did Jericho leave WWE for All Elite Wrestling?
    • Jericho believed he had achieved all he could in WWE and saw potential in AEW’s vision. He wanted to be part of something new and help change the wrestling industry.
  • Has AEW been successful since its launch?
    • Yes, AEW has garnered a significant fanbase and has established itself as a major competitor to WWE.
  • Where can I watch AEW?
    • AEW has a television deal with TBS, where many of its shows are broadcast.
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