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Chris Jericho Allegations: #FireJericho hashtag trends on X/Twitter

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In a recent and unexpected turn of events, the wrestling community has been shaken by allegations against one of its most prominent figures, Chris Jericho.

Known for his remarkable talent and significant contributions to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Jericho has found himself at the centre of a controversy that has sparked widespread reaction on social media.

The allegations, raised by Nick Hausman, suggest undisclosed issues in Jericho’s past, particularly involving an incident with Kylie Rae.

Chris Jericho Allegations: The Social Media Uproar and #FireJericho

Following these allegations, the hashtag #FireJericho began trending on social media platforms. Fans have expressed their opinions vigorously, with many rallying in support of Kylie Rae.

This situation has led to a broader discussion about conduct in the wrestling industry, with fans and observers alike calling for accountability and transparency.

Kylie Rae’s Departure from AEW

Central to this controversy is the departure of Kylie Rae from AEW. Allegations suggest that an encounter with Chris Jericho in a hotel room may have been a contributing factor to her decision to leave the organisation.

This has raised questions about the nature of the incident and the environment within AEW, prompting fans to demand a thorough investigation and appropriate action.

The Resurfaced Clip and Public Perception

Adding to the controversy, an old clip of Chris Jericho discussing Vince McMahon’s hush money allegations has resurfaced, casting a further shadow over his public image.

AEW’s Response and Future Actions against Chris Jericho

As the story continues to develop, all eyes are on AEW and its management, particularly Tony Khan, to see how they will address these serious allegations.

It is worth noting that as of writing there has been no confirmation of an investigation from either the company or the police and that these allegations are just that, allegations.


  • What are the allegations against Chris Jericho?
    • Allegations suggest undisclosed issues in Jericho’s past, including an incident involving Kylie Rae.
  • Why is #FireJericho trending?
    • The hashtag is trending due to fans’ reactions to the allegations, with many calling for Jericho to be fired from AEW.
  • What is Kylie Rae’s connection to this controversy?
    • Kylie Rae’s departure from AEW is allegedly linked to an incident with Chris Jericho.
  • How has AEW responded to the situation?
    • As of now, AEW’s response is awaited, with fans expecting a transparent and decisive action.
  • Will Chris Jericho still compete at AEW Worlds End?
    • Yes, Jericho is scheduled to participate in an 8-man tag team match at the event.
  • What impact does this controversy have on the wrestling industry?
    • It highlights the need for accountability and a respectful environment in the wrestling industry.
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