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Chris Jericho says we will get answers about CM Punk situation ‘pretty quickly’

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Chris Jericho believes AEW will continue to grow whether CM Punk returns to the company or not.

CM Punk’s controversial exit from All Elite Wrestling is the biggest challenge Tony Khan has faced as a wrestling promoter.

His company needs names that help the viewership before the upcoming TV deal, so bringing Punk back seems like a no-brainer. With the majority of the locker room against the move, however, it will be the biggest risk he would have taken since the start of the company.

Things seemed to have cooled down since the Brawl Out incident last year, and recent reports were indicating that the Straight Edge star was on his way back. The incident with Jon Moxley however, has cast doubts on the whole situation again, making it seem like a comeback is almost impossible now.

Chris Jericho is not in charge

Chris Jericho appeared on The Mark Madden Show (H/t recently where he was asked about the situation considering that he is not on Punk’s ‘Christmas list.’ Y2J mentioned that he has had differences with people working in the same locker room before:

‘You know, I’m not, but I wasn’t on Scott Hall’s Christmas card list, or I wasn’t on Eric Bischoff’s Christmas card list. You don’t have to be best friends to coexist, so, to me, that’s not really my wheelhouse.

The former AEW champion then explained that he is not in charge of the situation. Though he hinted that we would be getting some answers ‘pretty quickly’:

“I’m not in charge of that. I’m sure there will be some answers to that pretty quickly, I would assume, either way. But to us, AEW’s gonna thrive and survive with or without him, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.’

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Martin MacDonald