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Chris Jericho Reveals RIB He Played on CM Punk Before AEW All In

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, stories from behind the scenes often captivate fans just as much as the action in the ring. One such tale has recently come to light, involving two of the industry’s most iconic figures: Chris Jericho and CM Punk.

The story revolves around a playful rib (a wrestling term for a prank) that Jericho played on Punk, just before a significant event in AEW’s history.

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The Backstage Incident at AEW All In

AEW All In, held at London’s Wembley Stadium, was a landmark event for the promotion. However, it was also the backdrop for a backstage incident that would have significant repercussions.

The incident in question was so severe that Tony Khan, AEW’s president, felt his “life was in danger”. This event was a pivotal factor in CM Punk’s firing from AEW.

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Chris Jericho: Take on the Situation

On his popular podcast, Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho shed some light on the situation. Without dwelling too much on the topic, Jericho mentioned that he had a brief interaction with Punk on that fateful day.

The two discussed potential moves for their respective matches, with Jericho cheekily suggesting he might use Punk’s signature move, the GTS. Jericho, with a straight face, made this claim, leading Punk to believe him for a moment, even though it was all in jest.

Jericho expressed regret over the entire situation, acknowledging the significant role Punk played during his time in AEW.

He highlighted Punk’s final match in AEW, which took place at Wembley, noting that if one had to exit the company, doing so after a high-profile match in a sold-out stadium was a way to go.

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Punk’s Legacy in AEW

Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his departure, CM Punk’s impact on AEW cannot be understated. He was a pivotal figure in the promotion from the moment he arrived.

His final match in AEW saw him defend the ‘Real’ World Championship against Samoa Joe, a contest that further solidified his legacy. On the same night, Chris Jericho faced off against Will Ospreay, marking another significant bout for the event.

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The Aftermath and What Lies Ahead

Following the incident at AEW All In and Punk’s subsequent firing, the wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation and rumours. Many are wondering about Punk’s next move, with some suggesting a potential return to WWE.

As for Jericho, he continues to be a mainstay in AEW, with his next appearance slated for a tag team match on AEW Dynamite, where he teams up with Sammy Guevara to face Aussie Open.

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