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Chris Jericho compared to Harvey Weinstein as SHOCKING allegations surface online

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Chris Jericho, once a celebrated figure in the world of professional wrestling, is now facing a storm of allegations that threaten to tarnish his legacy.

Known for his pivotal role in the early success of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Jericho’s journey from a revered athlete to a controversial figure mirrors the dramatic twists often seen in the wrestling world.

Chris Jericho: Alarming Allegations Emerge

The wrestling community was shaken when Nick Hausman, during an episode of his Rumor and Innuendo podcast, hinted at troubling stories about Jericho.

Drawing a parallel with the disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, Hausman expressed discomfort at the universal praise Jericho receives, despite the looming shadows of these allegations.

A Disturbing Account

A particularly disturbing claim surfaced on the ISO Wrestling Twitter account. An anonymous post alleged that Kylie Rae, a former AEW star, was invited to Jericho’s hotel room under false pretences.

The post, which has garnered significant attention, suggests a scenario that left Rae unsettled and raises questions about Jericho’s conduct.

The Weinstein Comparison

The comparison to Harvey Weinstein, a figure now synonymous with abuse of power in Hollywood, casts a dark shadow over Jericho’s reputation.

Weinstein, once celebrated for his cinematic contributions, fell from grace due to numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. This parallel draws attention to the potential misuse of power and influence in the wrestling industry.

It is worth noting at this time though that these are allegations and no formal investigation has been undertaken by AEW nor the police.


  • What are the allegations against Chris Jericho?
    • Chris Jericho faces allegations of inappropriate behaviour, with comparisons being drawn to Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct.
  • Who brought these allegations to light?
    • Nick Hausman discussed these allegations on the ‘Rumor and Innuendo’ podcast, and an anonymous post on the ISO Wrestling Twitter account detailed a specific incident.
  • Has Chris Jericho responded to these allegations?
    • As of now, Chris Jericho has not publicly responded to these allegations.
  • What impact could these allegations have on Jericho’s career?
    • If proven true, these allegations could significantly damage Jericho’s reputation and standing in the professional wrestling community.
  • Are these allegations proven?
    • Currently, the allegations are unproven and are based on claims made in the podcast and on social media.
  • What does the wrestling community think about these allegations?
    • The wrestling community is divided, with some expressing shock and disappointment, while others urge caution and a need for a thorough investigation.
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