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Chris Jericho reveals when he will ‘quit’ wrestling

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After 3 decades in the wrestling business, Chris Jericho is considered a veteran of the industry. At 52-year-old, many people wonder if we are seeing the last run of Y2J before he calls it a career. According to the former AEW champion himself, he wouldn’t quit until he can continue performing at a high level.

The former WWE star was asked the question about his retirement once again during an appearance on WTF with Marc Maron (H/t WrestlingInc). Jericho mentioned how Sting who is older than him is still doing great things:

‘People say, ’˜Well, how much longer are you going to do this?’ I could end tomorrow, [or] I could end five years from now, or who cares? Sting is 63 and still doing great stuff. So who knows, man?”

Chris Jericho on retirement

Chris Jericho explained that as long as he is competing at a high level, he will continue performing. He will only quit when he can’t do it anymore:

“To me, as long as you can still compete at a high level ’” like I have a high standard for myself. If I went out there and two, three, four times in a row I felt like, ’˜Oof, I’m starting to f**king phone this in,’ I would quit.’

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Martin MacDonald