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Chris Jericho Re-iterates The Importance of The 18-49 Demo

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AEW’s ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho had Cody Rhodes as his special guest on this week’s episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Jericho would discuss a number of topics with Rhodes, including the importance of the 18-49 demographic in AEW’s weekly ratings.

“It’s so funny when people don’t understand [the importance of] the demo” Chris Jericho would state on the podcast. “That’s specifically why we went from an ad rev share TV show, this is public news I’m not giving anything away, to 175 million for four years. That was only three months after we started AEW Dynamite. And that’s specifically because of the demo.”

AEW has been consistently out-drawing NXT in the ratings over the past year. There have been a couple of momentary blips, but the trend is that AEW Dynamite draws a higher, and younger, audience overall.

Chris Jericho on Bringing In Younger Fans

“To keep an eye on that demo is so important” Jericho would continue. “That’s why I even wanted to work with Orange Cassidy. It’s 100 years ago it seems, because I used to see the kids in the crowd dressed up as Orange Cassidy. I used to see the kids in the crowd dressed as Darby Allin. Jimmy Hart told me years ago, ‘you can’t force somebody to write a sign. You can’t force somebody to dress up as your as their hero.'”

‘The DemoGod’ would finish by talking about the mainstream crossover appeal is also so important. “We have these guys, like Jungleboy? My daughters don’t give a sh*t about wrestling, but they love Jungleboy!”

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