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Chris Jericho reveals his HEARTBREAKING reaction to Bray Wyatt’s passing

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Chris Jericho has revealed his reaction to the news of Bray Wyatt’s passing

The former WWE star, real name Windham Rotunda passed away last month after suffering a heart attack. He had been dealing with heart issues after contracting COVID earlier this year. The whole wrestling world was in shock at the sudden passing of the 36-year-old and many are still trying to process this loss.

Chris Jericho remembers Bray Wyatt

Y2J discussed Wyatt’s passing on his podcast. He recalled working with Wyatt many times during his various WWE runs. Jericho specifically remembered a cage match they worked together:

“Obviously, I worked with Bray dozens of times throughout the years in WWE around the world. We even had cage match where I jumped off the top of a cage, I think at the cr*zy age of 44 years old and how ins*ne it was that Jericho’s up there doing it. I’d do it now at 52, especially with someone like Bray, who I could trust.”

Chris Jericho revealed that he learned about Wyatt’s passing right before boarding a flight from Atlanta to Heathrow. The former AEW champion remembered getting emotional during the flight:

“Bray was a creative faucet, so many ideas that he had and he would just keep pouring them out. ‘Here’s an idea, here’s an idea,’ Stop, stop, stop, what about that idea from a couple of ideas ago?’ Just a great guy and left us way too soon. Like I said, it hit me on the plane ride, I got really sad during the plane ride. because you take off, and it’s another flight, another day at the office and then it really hits you, like oh my gosh, he’s really gone. We will never get to see him again.”

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