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Chris Jericho RIPS into Article Claiming that AEW is in FULL BLOWN CRISIS

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Chris Jericho, a stalwart in the professional wrestling arena, has been an integral part of the industry for over three decades.

His commitment to the sport is evident in his consistent efforts to elevate emerging talent. Over his tenure in AEW, spanning four years, Jericho has faced and endorsed numerous budding stars, including the likes of MJF, Orange Cassidy, and Action Andretti.

His dedication is such that he has even accepted defeats to these talents, ensuring their establishment in the wrestling world.

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Chris Jericho on The Controversial Article

Recently, an article surfaced, making bold claims about AEW being in a severe crisis. This piece didn’t sit well with Jericho, who took to Twitter to voice his displeasure.

His response was both fierce and direct, criticising the article for its apparent lack of authenticity and research.

He tweeted, “Hey @LastCallwChrisC, this is the shoddiest piece of bullsh*t, lying journalism I’ve read in a long time. Next time you want to attempt to “write” something, check your sources, your spelling and your a** out the door. Oh, and go f*** yourself too.”

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Jericho’s Unwavering Support for AEW

Jericho’s passionate defence of AEW is not surprising. He has been a pillar of support for the company, standing by its side through thick and thin.

His belief in AEW’s growth and potential remains unwavering, and he continues to champion its cause at every opportunity.

The company, in turn, is showing no signs of slowing down and is poised for further expansion and success.

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The Community’s Take

The wrestling community is divided on the issue. While some believe in the article’s claims, many others side with Jericho, trusting his insights given his long-standing association with the sport.

The debate raises a pertinent question: Is AEW truly in a crisis, or is this just another attempt by certain sections of the media to create a sensation?

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