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Chris Jericho sensationally dismisses  potential AEW dream match

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Veteran professional wrestler Chris Jericho has recently put to rest any speculation about a possible match between him and Sting in All Elite Wrestling.

He emphatically declared during a Twitter Q&A session, “It’ll never happen. Not interested.”

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No Nostalgia Tour for Chris Jericho in AEW

Jericho, a former AEW World Champion, has consistently expressed his lack of interest in making his current AEW run a nostalgia tour.

Instead, he seeks to create fresh and engaging content for fans without relying on past glories or established rivalries from other wrestling promotions.

His outright rejection of the idea of a match with Sting seemingly underscores this point of view’‹, not wanting to work with former WCW and WWE colleagues.

Dream Match with WWE Hall of Famer

Despite this apparent rejection of ‘nostalgia,’ Jericho did reveal a bit of his own wrestling history in the Q&A.

He named the late WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage as a dream opponent. Jericho expressed regret that he never had the opportunity to face Savage in the ring, describing him as “One of my heroes for sure”’‹’‹.

Fresh Challenges and Stories for AEW

Jericho’s statements highlight his commitment to building AEW as a unique and distinctive wrestling promotion.

By rejecting the idea of a match with Sting, a legend in his own right, Jericho makes it clear that he wants AEW to forge its own path and not be seen as simply revisiting classic feuds or replicating the narratives of other promotions.

Impact on AEW and Professional Wrestling

Jericho’s approach can serve as a guiding principle for AEW as it continues to establish itself in the world of professional wrestling.

It offers a fresh perspective that emphasizes creativity and innovation over nostalgia. This stance could have far-reaching implications for how AEW develops its future storylines and rivalries, and it will be interesting to see how this philosophy shapes the promotion in the coming years.

In a world where nostalgia often plays a big role in entertainment, Jericho’s stance is a reminder that innovation and new stories are just as important, if not more so, in keeping audiences engaged and invested.

It sends a clear message that AEW is here to make its own mark in the wrestling world, with its own stars and its own stories, rather than simply rehashing the past.

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