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Chris Jericho wants AEW to re-sign this wrestling star

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Brian Cage has been with AEW since 2020 and he has seen many ups and downs in the company.

There was a time when he was frustated with his position on the roster. In the last few months, however, Cage has shown major improvements. This is why Chris Jericho thinks that the company should re-sign him.

The ROH star’s deal is set to expire soon. In an interview with, Jericho commented on his future. He first mentioned how Cage is finally starting to understand the psychology of wrestling:

‘I think Brian Cage over the last six months is the best Brian Cage has ever been. I think he’s finally starting to understand some of the psychology of wrestling rather than just moves and that sort of thing. He is one of a kind with his size and agility, but now there is more intensity and I think he’s really understanding who he is as a wrestler.”

Chris Jericho on Brian Cage

Chris Jericho claimed that six months ago, he wouldn’t have cared if the company let Brian Cage go. He explained how things have changed now:

“Six months ago I might have said ’˜Well, whatever, if he says that’s cool’, but now I think he has become a way more valuable part of our roster and I would sign him for sure. Absolutely.’

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Martin MacDonald