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Christian Cage called a “d*ckhead” by AEW colleague

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In the high-stakes world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), tensions often run high, and words can be as sharp as the moves in the ring.

This was evident in the recent verbal exchange between wrestling veterans Dustin Rhodes and Christian Cage. Rhodes, known for his straightforward approach and resilience in the face of adversity, has made headlines with his candid remarks about his colleague and current TNT Champion, Christian Cage.

AEW News: Dustin Rhodes – A Fighter Against the Odds

Dustin Rhodes, a seasoned wrestler with a career spanning decades, has always been recognised for his tenacity and determination.

He recently took to Twitter to express his readiness for the upcoming title match on AEW Dynamite, where he is set to challenge Christian Cage.

In his tweet, Rhodes emphasised that he has consistently faced and overcome challenges throughout his career. He contrasted his journey with that of Cage, accusing him of achieving success through less admirable means.

Christian Cage: A Controversial Champion

Christian Cage, the current TNT Champion, is no stranger to controversy. His journey in AEW has been marked by both impressive victories and contentious tactics.

Rhodes’s comments highlight a perceived difference in their paths to success, with Rhodes suggesting that Cage has relied more on political manoeuvring than on pure wrestling skill.

AEW News: The Clash of Titans

The upcoming match between Dustin Rhodes and Christian Cage is more than just a battle for the TNT Championship; it’s a clash of ideologies and wrestling philosophies.

Rhodes represents the grit and determination of a wrestler who has fought tooth and nail for every achievement. In contrast, Cage is seen as a more calculating, strategic player in the wrestling world.


  • Who is Dustin Rhodes?
    • Dustin Rhodes is a veteran professional wrestler, known for his resilience and straightforward approach in the ring.
  • What title does Christian Cage currently hold?
    • Christian Cage is the current TNT Champion in AEW.
  • What did Dustin Rhodes say about Christian Cage?
    • Dustin Rhodes called Christian Cage a “dickhead” and accused him of politicking his way to success, contrasting it with his own approach of fighting with grit and determination.
  • When is the title match between Rhodes and Cage scheduled?
    • The title match is scheduled for an upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite.
  • What is the significance of this match?
    • Beyond the TNT Championship, this match represents a clash between two different approaches and philosophies in professional wrestling.
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