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CJ Perry shows off GRUESOME update on her infected finger

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CJ Perry, widely recognized for her stint in WWE as Lana, has recently shared a concerning update about her infected finger.

In a recent Twitter post, Perry revealed that her surgeon has advised the need for more blood flow to the affected area to avoid a second surgery. This update follows her ongoing battle with a severe infection.

CJ Perry: Ongoing Struggle with Finger Infection

Perry, who has been openly sharing her health struggles with her fans, posted a graphic photo on Twitter, showcasing the severity of her condition.

She expressed gratitude for the support and prayers she has been receiving. Her tweet read, “Today the surgeon told me she needs to see more blood or I’ll need second surgery. Thank you for your [prayers and love].”

The Severity of the Infection

The infection, which has been a significant concern for Perry, requires careful monitoring.

The need for increased blood flow to the area is crucial to promote healing and prevent further complications, which might necessitate another surgical intervention.


  • What is the current state of CJ Perry’s finger infection?
    • Perry’s finger is severely infected, requiring close medical attention to avoid a second surgery.
  • What did her surgeon advise?
    • Her surgeon has emphasized the need for increased blood flow to the infected area.
  • How has Perry been updating her fans?
    • Perry has been using Twitter to share updates and graphic images of her condition.
  • What is the fan reaction to Perry’s health updates?
    • Fans have been supportive, offering prayers and well-wishes for her speedy recovery.
  • Is a second surgery imminent for Perry?
    • The possibility of a second surgery depends on the improvement of blood flow to her finger.
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