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CM Punk manages major accomplishment in AEW in June

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In June, CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling industry, led the pack in AEW merchandise sales, even beyond the brand itself.

Punk’s merchandise, including his iconic “Best in the World” T-shirt, was a top seller, demonstrating his enduring appeal among fans.

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CM Punk and AEW’s Merchandise Success

Interestingly, AEW itself secured the second spot in merchandise earnings, as confirmed by WrestleNomics. This achievement underscores the brand’s growing popularity and the successful marketing of its merchandise, but it’s incredible that Punk himself outdrew the company in terms of merch.

AEW’s range of products, from T-shirts to action figures, appeals to a broad spectrum of wrestling fans, contributing to its robust sales.

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Other Top Merchandise Sellers

Following CM Punk and AEW, Orange Cassidy, The Acclaimed, and Bullet Club Gold were the other top merchandise sellers in June.

These wrestlers and groups have cultivated a strong fan base, reflected in their merchandise sales. The top-selling items included the Bullet Club Gold T-shirt, Cassidy’s T-shirt, and the Jade Cargill action figure.

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The Role of Pro Wrestling Tees

Pro Wrestling Tees, a popular platform for wrestling merchandise, also played a significant role in these sales.

The top five sellers on the platform were Punk, AEW, Cassidy, The Acclaimed, and a combined Punk and FTR product. This data further emphasizes the popularity of these wrestlers and the AEW brand.

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