CM Punk reveals why he doesn’t like being a babyface

CM Punk

All Elite Wrestling Champion CM Punk recently revealed to fans why he actually does not like playing a babyface character on AEW television.

Speaking to Screenrant, Punk revealed that he does not being a blue eye when he is performing in the ring, and much prefers being the heel.

“I think I have a currency with the audience just having been around for so long, coming from the Indies, going to the old WWF, and you know being around the block” the former WWE Superstar began.

Video from the official WWE YouTube Channel

CM Punk on being a babyface

“Leaving, coming back after seven years, there’s a connection that I have. I don’t necessarily enjoy being a good guy. I feel like it’s hard work. It’s a lot easier to get people to dislike you” Punk revealed.

“But I feel it would be wasteful to, as I said, discard this currency that I have with the audience because it is, I feel, a special connection” he concluded.

It’s difficult to imagine AEW fans booing Punk anytime soon, but a heel turn during his final run would certainly be welcomed at some point.

Video from the official AEW YouTube Channel

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