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CM Punk: ‘Bad news’ to be coming out before AEW Collision?

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CM Punk is set to return to AEW on this week’s debut episode of Collision, but according to a new report there could be some ‘bad news’ coming first.

During a recent podcast episode on, Wade Keller revealed that he knew of ‘something’ that could affect the relationship between Punk and the company:

“I am under the impression between now and Saturday, there’s going to be something that comes out that media-wise that is not gonna help matters, probably. I don’t mean to be cryptic, but I haven’t heard the details or seen enough to say much but yea, I just don’t know. So I just think it’s gonna be one of those weeks, I’ll put it that way. From what I’m hearing behind the scenes in AEW, it’s just gonna be one of those weeks” Keller claimed.

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CM Punk AEW Collision Debut Rumours

Fightful Select then confirmed more on the story, revealing that there would be an ESPN interview coming out before Collision that would stir the pot somewhat.

“There are a lot of facets to this that have unravelled since then that may become more clear. We’re told that an ESPN interview is supposed to drop sometime soon, where Punk was talking about a number of topics” the site revealed.

“Among those topics was The Elite, and word got back to several on the roster at the June 14 AEW Dynamite tapings, and some of it didn’t go over well based on second-hand reports of what Punk said, which could be seen as ‘his version of what is true'” Fightful added.

“We’re told that AEW did set up the interview and monitored things, but that CM Punk spoke in a way that would blur the lines, and create buzz for upcoming shows. Specifically, we’d heard that he’d answered questions in a way that would make the audience wonder if it was him angling for a story, or if he was shooting” the site noted.

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