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CM Punk: WWE Hall of Famer ‘loved’ his AEW Collision promo

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Eric Bischoff, a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, has recently expressed his admiration for CM Punk and his promo during the premiere of AEW Collision.

This marked Punk’s highly anticipated return to AEW after a nine-month hiatus, and he did not disappoint.

In a bonus episode of 83 Weeks, Bischoff was effusive in his praise, saying, “I loved ’” oh it’s so hard to say ’” I loved it. It was great. I almost swallowed my tongue. No, I absolutely loved it.”’‹

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CM Punk: Striking the Right Balance

Bischoff was particularly taken with the balance struck by Punk’s promo. In his view, the promo successfully acknowledged past events without dwelling on them, allowing both the wrestler and the audience to move forward.

He described it as a “perfect balance of acknowledging, not pretending it didn’t happen.” It was an impressive feat, considering the tumultuous events of the past six months.

According to Bischoff, AEW made the decision to move on from these events and this promo served as a powerful step in that direction. “I think this promo achieved, from a narrative perspective, an absolutely flawless, almost 100% balance,” he said.

He praised the execution, production, and particularly Punk’s role in creating a promo that could allow the audience to reinvest their curiosity or opinions of what happened into the present moment’‹.

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Room for Improvement

Despite his overall admiration, Bischoff did not shy away from offering some constructive criticism. He suggested that the promo could have been slightly shorter, recommending a cut of about 30 seconds to a minute.

He also proposed a more compelling ending, like a call to action or a mission statement, to really captivate the audience and elevate the promo from an 8.5 to a 9.5 out of 10 in his eyes’‹.

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Looking Forward

Given the positive response to Punk’s AEW Collision promo, there is no doubt that audiences and critics alike are eagerly anticipating what comes next.

Eric Bischoff’s praise, mixed with his constructive criticism, paints a picture of a wrestling world ready for change, growth, and the continued evolution of its narratives.

As Punk continues to redefine his place in this dynamic landscape, it will be fascinating to watch his journey unfold.

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