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CM Punk reveals WHY he painted X on his AEW title belt

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CM Punk has explained the reason he painted ‘X’ on his world title belt.

The Straight Edge Star returned to the company in June this year after a 9-month absence during the Inaugural episode of AEW Collision. He has since established himself as the face of the Saturday night show, complete with a world title belt he claims he never lost.

Punk debuted this title during the July 29th episode of the show. He mentioned how he never lost the title he won at All Out last year and declared that he was ‘the real world champion.’

He would then go on to spray-paint a black X over the centre plate which has been the cause of some speculation among fans.

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CM Punk reveals origin of Straight Edge character

CM Punk opened up about the meaning of the X during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. He recalled his early days in the business and noted how he didn’t fit anywhere else, except for pro wrestling:

“When I’d just started wrestling, one of the first places I found steady work was Mid-American Wrestling run by Carmine DeSpirito, and we ran a Knights of Columbus Hall in West Ellis, Wisconsin once a month, I think the appeal for the fans there was really cheap beer. I was this straight edge kid that didn’t fit in anywhere, except for with the freaks and geeks in a pro wrestling locker room.”

Punk mentioned that he hadn’t figured out his character yet. His girlfriend at the time, Natalie Slater suggested that he used his Straight Edge ideology for his gimmick. This was the start of his journey to the top of the wrestling world:

“That’s why I tape my wrists, that’s why I X-up my hands, and that’s where ‘Straight edge means I’m better than you’ comes from. Looking back on it now, there are a lot of people I currently work with who are not only wrestlers because of me–their words–they’re straight edge because of me. It’s time to go back to that. Look how powerful it is. That’s a nice itch I get to scratch now.”

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