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CM Punk was FRUSTRATED by HUGE AEW meeting being CANCELLED before firing

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CM Punk faced a shocking turn of events when he was let go by All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This termination came on the heels of a backstage altercation with Jack Perry during the AEW: All In London event.

The timing of this decision is particularly noteworthy, as it was just days shy of the one-year mark since Punk’s memorable AEW: All Out media scrum.

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CM Punk: The Infamous Media Scrum

At the AEW: All Out media scrum, Punk had openly expressed his views, debunking rumours that he had held back Colt Cabana in AEW.

He also took a direct shot at The Elite, questioning their capability to lead the company. This media event was a precursor to a locker room brawl involving Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and several others.

The aftermath of this brawl was significant: titleholders were stripped of their titles, and the involved parties were removed from TV broadcasts.

Since then, the relationship between The Elite and CM Punk has been, to put it mildly, strained.

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The Cancelled Meeting

Sources from Haus of Wrestling revealed that a crucial meeting was set to take place between key members of The Elite, CM Punk, and Tony Khan.

This meeting, scheduled for the week leading up to AEW: All In London, was meant to be a peace-making endeavour. The intended location was Atlanta, with Tony Khan confirmed to attend.

The primary objective of this summit was to resolve differences and “bury the hatchet” before the historic AEW pay-per-view event.

However, in a twist of events, The Elite’s camp decided to cancel the meeting at the eleventh hour. This abrupt cancellation seems to have been the tipping point for Punk, exacerbating his frustrations as he approached the AEW event.

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The Road Ahead

The cancellation of this pivotal meeting and the subsequent termination of CM Punk from AEW raises several questions.

Was the meeting’s cancellation a prelude to Punk’s firing? Could a successful summit have changed the course of events for Punk and AEW? While the answers remain speculative, one thing is clear: the wrestling world is abuzz with this unfolding drama.

In the world of wrestling, where storylines and real-life events often intertwine, the coming months will undoubtedly shed more light on this saga.

For now, fans and pundits alike are left to ponder the implications of these events and what they mean for the future of AEW and CM Punk.

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