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CM Punk: Could he actually APPEAR at IMPACT Bound For Glory?

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation and excitement. The question on everyone’s lips: Could CM Punk make a surprise appearance at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory event?

The rumour mill has been churning, and there’s a lot to unpack.

CM Punk’s departure from AEW sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. Suddenly, one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling was a free agent.

IMPACT Wrestling, always on the lookout for top-tier talent, didn’t waste any time expressing their interest.

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CM Punk: Why the Buzz?

IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory is scheduled for October 21st, 2023, at Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois.

Given that Illinois is Punk’s home state, it’s only natural for fans to hope for his appearance, especially at such a significant pay-per-view event.

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What the Insiders Say

Sean Ross Sapp, a well-known figure in the wrestling community, was questioned about the possibility of Punk showing up at Bound For Glory.

He mentioned on Twitter/X that while some might dismiss the idea, Punk’s arrival in IMPACT Wrestling isn’t as implausible as it seems.

He added that IMPACT would undoubtedly welcome CM Punk, and insiders have noted Punk’s positive presence backstage during previous visits.

Further fuelling the speculation, WrestlePurists podcaster, Ibou, disclosed that IMPACT Wrestling had “reached out” to CM Punk and made an offer. Whether Punk will accept remains to be seen.

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Past Interactions with IMPACT

It’s worth noting that CM Punk has had positive interactions with IMPACT Wrestling in the past. During one of the company’s tapings in Chicago, Punk made a backstage appearance.

Not only was he welcomed, but he also spent time mingling with the talent, even engaging in a friendly game of cards.

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What Lies Ahead for CM Punk?

If Punk decides to join IMPACT Wrestling, it could be a game-changer for both parties. With his vast experience and fan following, Punk could elevate the brand to new heights.

On the other hand, if he wishes to continue his wrestling journey, IMPACT might be one of the few viable options left for him.


  • Is CM Punk confirmed for Bound For Glory?
    • No, there’s no official confirmation yet. It’s all based on speculation and insider information.
  • Why did CM Punk leave AEW?
    • Punk was released from AEW, causing a significant shift in the wrestling landscape.
  • Has IMPACT Wrestling shown interest in CM Punk before?
    • Yes, there have been instances where Punk was backstage at IMPACT events, and he was received positively.
  • When and where is the Bound For Glory event?
    • The event is set for October 21st, 2023, at Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois.
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