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CM Punk argued with ANOTHER MAJOR AEW star backstage

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, disagreements are not uncommon. Recently, CM Punk, a renowned figure in the wrestling industry, found himself in the midst of another backstage altercation.

This time, his disagreement was with none other than AEW’s rising star, Jungle Boy Jack Perry.

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CM Punk and Jungle Boy: The Root of the Disagreement

The incident reportedly took place during the early stages of Punk’s Collision run in Canada, according to a new report from Fightful Select.

AEW had brought in Jungle Boy Jack Perry to film a segment. However, tensions arose when Perry expressed his desire to use real glass for a particular backstage scene. Punk, along with several others in AEW, took issue with this proposal.

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Punk’s Perspective

From Punk’s viewpoint, Perry’s insistence on using real glass stemmed from a desire to avoid working the following week: “According to those on the side of Punk, Perry wanted to use real glass for a backstage segment. Punk was of the belief that he did this so he didn’t need to come to work the next week, which he sees as a big problem in the company.”

This assumption became a significant point of contention. Punk believed that Perry was intentionally going against the advice of production teams, medical professionals, and even Tony Schiavone, a respected figure in AEW.

All of them had advised against the use of real glass due to the evident safety risks it posed.

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The Resolution

In an attempt to mediate the situation, Punk approached Perry. He calmly explained that such actions were not in line with the practices on Collision.

Punk further suggested that if Perry was uncomfortable with these standards, he might be better suited to appear on Wednesday shows.

This conversation, however, quickly escalated and became the talk of the locker room. Many referred to it as an argument, with some even suggesting that Perry was throwing a “temper tantrum” over the spot not being approved.

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The Aftermath

While the exact details of the resolution remain undisclosed, it’s evident that the disagreement left a mark.

Several individuals reportedly sided with Punk, agreeing with his perspective on the matter. Such backstage incidents, while not uncommon in the wrestling world, often shed light on the challenges and intricacies of producing a live wrestling show.

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