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CM Punk Reacts to Rumours that He Could RETURN to AEW

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Recently, the wrestling community has been abuzz with speculation about CM Punk and a potential return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), despite his contract being terminated “with cause” following a backstage incident at AEW All Out in London on September 2nd.

CM Punk, known for his outspoken nature and social media presence, recently stirred the pot by referencing AEW’s new “Devil” character.

On his Instagram story, Punk shared a photo of “The Black Scorpion”, a character from WCW, posing the question, “Who was behind the mask?”

This post has been interpreted by fans as a nod to the ongoing rumours about him possibly adopting the “The Devil” persona in AEW.

CM Punk: The Devil Character in AEW

“The Devil” made a dramatic impact on the November 8th edition of AEW Dynamite, where his army attacked The Acclaimed and “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn.

Despite his absence from the ring, CM Punk’s presence in AEW remains strong. He continues to be a significant merch seller for the company, indicating his lasting popularity and influence among wrestling fans.

This fact alone makes the idea of his return not just a possibility but a potentially lucrative move for AEW, whether or not Tony Khan would be interested in doing so remains to be seen.

WWE’s Perspective on Punk’s Future

Amidst these speculations, there’s also been talk about WWE’s stance on Punk’s potential return to their fold, with Survivor Series being only a couple of weeks away.

However, the focus remains on his connection with AEW, given the recent developments and his previous tenure with the company.

CM Punk: The Impact of a Potential Return

Should CM Punk return to AEW, especially in a new avatar like “The Devil”, it would undoubtedly be a major event in the wrestling world.

His ability to engage audiences, combined with his in-ring skills and mic work, makes him a valuable asset to any storyline or character he’s involved in.


  • What caused CM Punk’s contract with AEW to be terminated?
    • Punk’s contract was terminated following a backstage physical incident at AEW All Out in London on September 2.
  • Has CM Punk hinted at a return to AEW?
    • Punk has not explicitly stated his intention to return, but his social media activity, particularly a post referencing “The Black Scorpion”, has led to speculation about his involvement with the “The Devil” character in AEW.
  • What is the “The Devil” character in AEW?
    • “The Devil” is a new character in AEW, recently making an impact by attacking The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn on the November 8 edition of AEW Dynamite.
  • Is CM Punk still popular in AEW despite his absence?
    • Yes, CM Punk continues to be a strong merch seller for AEW, indicating his enduring popularity among fans.
  • Has there been any official statement from AEW about Punk’s return?
    • As of now, there has been no official statement from AEW regarding CM Punk’s return to the company.
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