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CM Punk reacts to ‘ticking time bomb’ claims

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The return of CM Punk to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) during the premiere episode of Collision was a defining moment for wrestling fans.

Punk, known for his unfiltered promos, launched a salvo at the Young Bucks that prompted a response via their Twitter bio’‹.

AEW had somewhat split their rosters, largely due to the presence of Punk. This resulted in fans getting two distinct shows, with Punk able to appear on Dynamite as well. However, as last week demonstrated, if Punk is present, The Elite will likely not be physically there’‹.

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A Ticking Time Bomb in AEW

A report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter hinted at tension within the AEW.

An unidentified top name revealed that they left the show in a bad mood on Wednesday. Despite key individuals being kept apart and not on the same shows, there was a fear described of a “ticking time bomb” that might not have a happy ending’‹.

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CM Punk: Unique Response

CM Punk, upon seeing the report, had his unique response.

The “Second City Saviour” took to his Instagram story to share his commentary, albeit a silent one. Punk uploaded a still photo of himself with Rancid’s “Time Bomb” playing in the background, subtly acknowledging the “ticking time bomb” claim in AEW’‹.

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The AEW Locker Room Atmosphere

The current atmosphere in the AEW locker room is a topic of speculation. There are conflicting stories about the general morale amongst the roster.

Only time will tell how the situation unfolds and whether the ticking time bomb will have an impact on AEW’s future. If anything, the situation promises to generate intriguing headlines in the coming months’‹.

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