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CM Punk REPLACEMENT for AEW Collision appears to have been confirmed

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The wrestling world was abuzz with the sudden departure of CM Punk from AEW. As one of the top on-screen stars of Collision, Punk’s influence extended beyond the ring, playing a pivotal role behind the scenes.

His sudden exit left fans and insiders alike speculating about who would step into his shoes.

Punk’s influence on AEW Collision was undeniable. Not only was he a leading on-screen presence, but he also played a significant role in deciding the direction of the show.

His departure saw immediate changes, with the Young Bucks making an appearance on Collision, an occurrence that many believe would not have taken place had Punk still been around.

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CM Punk: Who Is The New Face of Collision?

While it’s challenging to find a direct replacement for someone of Punk’s stature, recent events suggest that AEW might have found their man.

At the AEW All Out event, in a surprising twist, Bryan Danielson replaced CM Punk in a strap match against Ricky Starks.

This move, coupled with comments from Tony Khan during a post-show media scrum, hints at Danielson’s increased involvement with Collision in the future. Khan’s remarks suggest that Collision’s schedule might be more convenient for Danielson, hinting at a more prominent role for him on the show.

Danielson’s influence on AEW’s creative direction has been growing, mirroring the role Punk played for Collision. This makes him a fitting choice to fill the void left by Punk’s departure.

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Other Contenders for the Spotlight

While Danielson seems to be the frontrunner, AEW has also updated their promotional material for upcoming Collision shows. Interestingly, Jay White is now prominently featured on most of these posters, replacing Punk. This move indicates that White might also play a more significant role in the show’s future.

However, AEW is known for its diverse roster and dynamic storylines. Other wrestlers, such as Darby Allin, Samoa Joe, Miro, and Ricky Starks, have also been highlighted in promotional materials, suggesting that the show might adopt a more collaborative approach in its post-CM Punk era.

Tony Khan’s comments during the media scrum further support this theory. He mentioned that while there might be more overlap between Dynamite and Collision, each show would retain its unique identity.

Wrestlers might appear more frequently on one show over the other based on their fit with the show’s theme or their personal preferences.

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