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CM Punk was reportedly ANGRY and AGGRESSIVE with AEW colleague backstage

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CM Punk and his return to the wrestling scene has been nothing short of explosive. Recently, he’s been making headlines not just for his in-ring performances but also for his backstage influence.

Reports have surfaced that Punk ‘took charge’ of the tapings for AEW Collision, a significant move that showcases his influence within the company.

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The Incident with Hangman Page

The buzz around Punk intensified after a promo he delivered against Hangman Page following a recent Collision show.

Page, who was initially scheduled to pre-tape an interview during that week’s Collision, was redirected to film the segment at a different location.

This decision raised eyebrows, especially when it was revealed that other wrestlers like Christopher Daniels and Ryan Nemeth were also asked to leave the Collision episodes, reportedly all at Punk’s behest.

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The Reason Behind the Daniels Decision

Punk’s decision to send Daniels away was linked to an incident involving Ace Steel, a close friend of Punk. Steel was barred from being backstage at Collision due to his role in the “All Out” situation.

Punk felt that if Steel couldn’t be present, then Daniels shouldn’t be either.

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The CM Punk-Nemeth Feud

The tension between Punk and Nemeth can be traced back to a tweet from Nemeth. During Punk’s return promo, Nemeth labelled him as “the softest man alive.”

This tweet was in response to Punk’s comments about the Young Bucks, which he referred to as the “Counterfeit Bucks.” Nemeth’s close association with the Bucks, evident from his appearances on their “Being the Elite” YouTube series, added fuel to the fire. On June 21st, during an unannounced appearance at Dynamite, Punk confronted Nemeth about the tweet.

Sources from PWTorch revealed that the confrontation was intense. Punk, cornering Nemeth in the locker room, got up close and personal, questioning if they had unresolved issues that needed to be settled outside. Punk felt that Nemeth’s tweet exacerbated existing tensions and sent a negative message. This confrontation, witnessed by several wrestlers, was described as both awkward and uncomfortable.

The argument spilt into the hallway, with Punk continuing his tirade. Nemeth defended his tweet, pointing out that Punk had initiated the conflict with his comments about the Bucks. However, Punk argued that Nemeth’s timing was off and that it negatively impacted the image they were trying to portray. The two eventually shook hands, but the atmosphere remained tense.

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The Aftermath of the Confrontation

Following the heated exchange, Nemeth sought advice from friends backstage on how to navigate the situation.

Given Punk’s stature in AEW compared to Nemeth, the latter decided to keep a low profile. He even went to the extent of deactivating his Twitter account, a move that further highlighted the gravity of the situation.

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