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CM Punk makes HUGE reveal on AEW Collision ahead of All In

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In a stunning turn of events on this week’s AEW Collision, CM Punk has made a revelation that has sent shockwaves through the company.

Punk, known for his enigmatic persona, finally unveiled the contents of his much-speculated bag, and the reveal was nothing short of spectacular.

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CM Punk: Surprise Reveal

The anticipation was palpable as Punk, bag in hand, entered the ring. The wrestling world had been buzzing with speculation about the contents of the bag ever since Punk started carrying it around.

When asked by Tony Schiavone about the mystery, Punk finally decided to lift the veil.

Punk, who had arrived in Hartford just two hours before the show, spoke about the ongoing events in AEW and Collision, and the upcoming All In event at Wembley Stadium.

He hinted at a connection between the contents of his bag, the event, and Ricky Starks.

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The Real World Champion

In a dramatic moment, Punk opened the bag and pulled out an AEW World Championship belt. He declared himself the rightful champion, stating that he had earned the title.

The belt, marked with his name and X, the symbol of Straight Edge, was evidence of his claim. Punk went on to assert that he is the ‘real world champion’ and that the title would remain on Collision.

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Ricky Starks Challenges Punk

The revelation was interrupted by Ricky Starks, who claimed the title as his own. Starks, who has defeated Punk twice, declared himself not only the real world champion but also the face of Collision.

Punk responded to Starks’ challenge by suggesting a title shot, but with a twist – a special guest referee would oversee the match.

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WWE Hall of Famer to Referee Title Match

The surprises didn’t stop there. Tony Schiavone announced that WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat would serve as the special guest referee for the upcoming title match between Punk and Starks.

This announcement added another layer of intrigue to an already electrifying situation.

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