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HUGE CM Punk Rumour from AEW All In Fight Backstage

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Professional wrestling has always been a melting pot of emotions, drama, and sometimes, real-life confrontations. The recent AEW All In event in London was no exception. A backstage incident involving CM Punk and Jack Perry has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community.

Before the AEW All In main card in London even began, CM Punk and Jack Perry found themselves in a heated backstage confrontation. According to a new report from The Wrestling Observer, we know what Jack Perry’s side is and how the situation escalated quickly, with Punk reportedly going nose-to-nose with Perry, questioning him aggressively. Perry, in his defence, mentioned he was merely trying to generate heat in his role as a heel:

“The version that Perry told people is that he was leaving after losing and got backstage. Punk came up to him with a lot of people around and said, ‘Do we have a problem?’ Perry said, ‘No.’ Perry then said to Punk that he said stuff that got online about him and that line, using the term cry me a river. It was noted that Perry probably didn’t need to say the line during the match but wrestlers do that all the time, whether to get their frustrations out or to pop friends in some form. It would have been no big deal to anyone except he should have known better because it was Punk.

The version Perry apparently said included that Punk then said words to the effect of, ‘You know I could f*** you up at any time, right?’ That version was that he then pie-faced Perry and tried to put a guillotine on him and also threw some punches that were awkward from the position Punk was not doing any damage while Perry grabbed Punk’s arm to try to keep him from locking in the move. Samoa Joe came in and quickly broke it up. Perry didn’t have a bruise or scratch on him past those that he got from his match.”

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CM Punk: The Aftermath and Repercussions

Following the altercation, there was uncertainty regarding Punk’s participation in his scheduled match against Samoa Joe.

AEW’s production team and announcers reportedly had to improvise, stalling for time as they were unsure if Punk would make his appearance.

Tony Khan, AEW’s president, later found himself in a tight spot when questioned about the incident. He chose to remain tight-lipped, not delving into details about the investigation or the issue at hand.

Furthermore, due to the backstage chaos, AEW decided to cancel Jim Ross’ entrance at the All In London event.

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The Investigation and Future Implications

The incident has undoubtedly cast a shadow over AEW’s reputation. Tony Khan has expressed hopes of shedding more light on the matter after their internal investigation concludes, which is expected by the All Out event this Sunday.

The wrestling community and fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting more details. Such incidents not only affect the wrestlers involved but also have potential ramifications for the promotion and its future events.

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