CM Punk talks about ‘solidarity’ he feels for WWE Superstar

CM Punk

Image Courtesy: AEW

All Elite Wrestling Champion CM Punk recently discussed Sasha Banks walking out of WWE, and how he feels solidarity for her.

Speaking to The Hashtag Show, Punk said: “I try to be as humble as I can be and I don’t like talking about myself but I was the first guy through the wall.

“I got f*cking bloodied for it, you know what I mean? And to watch somebody else stand up and walk out, I’m always going to support that” he began.

“One hundred f*ckin’ per cent. I never met Mercedes (Sasha Banks). I don’t know her, but I definitely feel solidarity with her” the former WWE Champion continued.

CM Punk on Sasha Banks

“I know how that place is, and I know how women are treated there. I’m not a woman myself, so I can’t put myself in those shoes, but there’s probably a lot of reasons why she peaced out” Punk concluded.

It’s some interesting comments from the Straight Edge star, especially as it looks like Banks may well be making her way back soon.

According to recent reports, Banks and Naomi are expected to be returning to the company following Triple H becoming the Head of Creative and Head of Talent Relations.

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