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CM Punk: Sign that the former WWE Superstar is joining AEW

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There have been multiple rumors that CM Punk and Bryan Danielson will be heading to AEW soon, or in the near future at least.

Fans seem to have spotted another indication that the straight edge former pro wrestler will be heading to the company.

CM Punk had multiple theme songs during his run in WWE, most notably Killswitch Edge’s ‘This Fire Burns’ and his throwback Living Colour track, ‘Cult of Personality.’

Speaking of Living Colour, they recently started following AEW on both Twitter and Instagram. CM Punk himself is also now following AEW on Twitter.

Is CM Punk going to AEW?

This could be a MAJOR troll job from Punk, which wouldn’t be out of the question. But it’s also clear that Tony Khan is willing to shell out for official music for performers in AEW, with Jungle Boy and Orange Cassidy both having Baltimora and The Pixie’s, respectively.

AEW Champion Kenny Omega recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio and discussed Punk joining the company.

‘Punk, a guy who probably has a different line of thinking than your current day performer, your average performer,’ Omega began on the show.

‘And he has this incredible reputation, and he has fans to this day who would follow him to the ends of the earth’, Kenny Omega noted. ‘A very dedicated fanbase. And that fanbase believes he’s the best in the world and will be the best until the end of time.’

It’s not officially confirmed at this time if CM Punk has signed to the company.

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