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CM Punk has a STRANGE answer to question about Survivor Series appearance

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CM Punk has broken his silence on his rumored WWE return.

The Straight Edge Star burnt all the bridges on his way out when he exited the promotion in a controversial manner back in 2014.

At the time, it appeared that we would never see the former WWE champion returning to the company at any cost. Things started changing in 2019 however, when Punk joined the cast of WWE Backstage on Fox.

Vince McMahon at the time reportedly declined the offer to bring back the former champion and this led to the wrestling veteran signing with AEW. Punk’s AEW firing in August this year once again sparked rumours about his return to the company and the wrestling star himself doesn’t appear to have the same bitter feelings about the promotion that he did back in 2014.

Will CM Punk be at Survivor Series?

CM Punk made a surprise appearance on 670 The Score in Chicago (H/t Fightful) yesterday where he was asked the question everyone has in mind about a potential Survivor Series return. The former AEW star took his time answering the question and then joked about the tickets for the event being sold out:

“They’re asking if I’m going to be there? I think it’s sold out. I think tickets are hard to get.”

CM Punk on The Score

The interviewers once again tried to get an answer from CM Punk asking him about a potential WWE return down the line. Replying to it, Punk once again deflected the question, saying that he is just spending time with his dog:

“I don’t want to burst anybody’s bubble. I’m kind of just sitting at home and enjoying this beautiful Chicago weather. I have an injury in the family. My dog [Larry] blew his dog ACL. I’m literally just spending my time with him. I know that sounds cr*zy, but he is my son, and I take care of him and treat him as such. Everything has kind of stopped. I’m fortunate to take time off from everything. I’ve cancelled the things I have coming up. Travelling is hard. It’s tough to leave him here with my wife April [AJ Lee]. If there are two of us here taking care of him, it’s easier.”

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Martin MacDonald