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Here’s WHY CM Punk had a Talent BANNED from AEW Collision

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The wrestling world is no stranger to controversies, and the recent episode of AEW Collision has added another chapter to this saga. The spotlight is on CM Punk, a name that has been synonymous with headlines in the wrestling world.

This time, it’s about his alleged involvement in banning certain talents from the AEW Collision event. Let’s dive into the details.

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CM Punk: Unexpected AEW Collision Promo

After the recent AEW Collision episode, CM Punk took centre stage, cutting a promo on Hangman Page.

Interestingly, this wasn’t part of the original plan. Following this, there were reports of several wrestlers being asked to stay away from the show.

While Matt Hardy and Hangman Page were among those told not to attend Collision, it hasn’t been confirmed if Punk was the one who made this request.

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The Talent in Question

However, two names that Punk explicitly wanted out were Ryan Nemeth and Christopher Daniels. Daniels, in particular, holds a significant position in AEW as the head of talent relations. But why would Punk want him banned?

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The Root of the Controversy

According to a report from Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman, the reason for these two not being backstage is directly linked to their issues with Punk.

The primary contention with Daniels was his role in the AEW All Out media scrum altercation. This incident was highlighted as the main reason for his absence from Collision.

Moreover, Ace Steel, a close friend of Punk, was involved in the same altercation. Even though Steel wasn’t allowed backstage at Collision, Punk reportedly felt that Daniels shouldn’t be there either.

As for Ryan Nemeth, the conflict traces back to a tweet he posted after Punk’s return to AEW, where he went online and posted “softest man alive.”

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The Bigger Picture

While the wrestling community is abuzz with these developments, it’s essential to remember that the world of professional wrestling often blurs the lines between reality and storyline.

CM Punk’s actions and subsequent decisions might be a part of a larger narrative that AEW is trying to build. Or, it could be genuine backstage politics playing out in the public eye.

In either case, fans and followers of AEW will be keenly watching the next moves, both inside the ring and behind the scenes. As the story unfolds, one can only hope that the decisions made are in the best interest of the talent and the promotion.

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