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CM Punk: Talent hold MAJOR backstage meeting regarding AEW Collision

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In the world of professional wrestling, there are few figures as influential as CM Punk. Recently, he led a significant backstage meeting at AEW Collision, a meeting that has sparked considerable interest and speculation within the industry.

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The Meeting’s Genesis

It was recently reported by Fightful Select that AEW organised a talent meeting ahead of the July 8th episode of AEW Collision:

“When Fightful heard that there was a talent meeting at that episode of Collision, we shortly found out later that it didn’t make its way to talent who weren’t there or are typically featured on Dynamite more than Collision. There was a good reason for that it seems, as a large part of the meeting was about how Collision has differentiated itself from Dynamite, to the point to where many of Dynamite’s usual detractors have taken to liking Collision.”

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Collision’s Unique Identity, led by CM Punk?

As noted, a significant part of the meeting was reportedly about how Collision has differentiated itself from Dynamite since its debut.

The meeting was led by CM Punk, who brought up several topics about how Collision could further separate itself from what we see on Wednesdays with Dynamite. This included discussions about the finishes for some of the matches:

“CM Punk led the meeting, and there were several topics brought up on how Collision could separate itself from what fans see on Dynamite, including the finishes of some matches. They went over what was and wasn’t good for collision, such as finishes, shenanigans and the like.

“There were also subjects covered such as promoting AEW related projects and shows more, especially the Fight Forever video game. Some of the safety guidelines were also covered during the meeting.”

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Evaluating Collision’s Strengths and Weaknesses

The talent present at the meeting discussed what was and was not working for Collision. This included an analysis of finishes, shenanigans, and more.

The goal was to identify areas of improvement and build on the show’s strengths.

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