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CM Punk TEASES BOTH AEW and WWE fans with latest move

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, few stars have the ability to stir the pot quite like CM Punk. Known for his unapologetic and often controversial approach, Punk has once again grabbed the headlines, this time teasing his potential involvement in a current AEW storyline, while also playfully nudging at his past with WWE.

AEW’s current top storyline features a mysterious figure in a devil mask causing chaos among the roster. This enigmatic character, along with their minions, has been a central part of the narrative, leaving fans guessing about their identity.

Enter CM Punk, a wrestler who’s no stranger to creating online speculation for dramatic effect. His history of surprise appearances, including a memorable stint where he executed a GTS (Go To Sleep) move during his hiatus between WWE and AEW, has added fuel to the speculative fire.

Punk recently heightened this speculation through his social media activity. Known as ‘The Second City Savior’, he has been actively engaging with his followers on Instagram, dropping hints that seem to connect him with the devilish character in AEW’s storyline. His latest tease was a throwback to an old WWE promo where he referred to himself as ‘The Devil’, a move that has both AEW and WWE fans buzzing with theories.

CM Punk: No WWE Return in Sight

Despite the excitement and speculation, it’s important to note that Punk’s return to WWE seems unlikely at this stage.

Reports indicate that there are no ongoing discussions between Punk and WWE, quashing any immediate hopes of a reunion.

However, the wrestling world is unpredictable, and other promotions like NWA or TNA might seize the opportunity to bring the charismatic star into their fold.

The Impact of Punk’s Teasing

Punk’s teasing has a multifaceted impact on the wrestling community. For AEW, it keeps the audience engaged and guessing, adding layers to their current storyline.

For WWE fans, it’s a nostalgic nod to Punk’s impactful tenure there, reminding them of the captivating promos and matches he delivered.

Above all, it showcases Punk’s ability to stay relevant and influential in the wrestling world, regardless of his current affiliations.


  • What is the current AEW storyline involving CM Punk?
    • AEW is running a storyline with a mysterious figure in a devil mask causing havoc. Punk has hinted at a connection to this character.
  • Has CM Punk returned to WWE?
    • As of now, there are no talks or indications of CM Punk returning to WWE.
  • What is the significance of Punk’s recent social media activity?
    • Punk’s social media posts, especially on Instagram, have been teasing his potential involvement in AEW’s current storyline and playfully referencing his past with WWE.
  • Could CM Punk join another wrestling promotion?
    • While a WWE return seems unlikely, other promotions like NWA or TNA might be interested in bringing Punk on board.
  • Why is CM Punk’s teasing important for wrestling fans?
    • Punk’s teasing keeps fans engaged and adds excitement to the wrestling narratives, whether in AEW or as a nod to his WWE past.
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