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CM Punk had a TON of travel issues before AEW All In possibly CAUSED by management

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CM Punk recently faced a series of travel hiccups on his way to Wembley Stadium for AEW All In. While the event itself garnered significant attention, it was Punk’s travel ordeal that raised eyebrows.

Upon landing at Heathrow Airport on the Saturday morning of the event, Punk found himself in an unexpected predicament.

Contrary to what one might expect for a star of his calibre, there were no AEW representatives waiting to greet him.

Furthermore, there was no car service arranged to transport him to his hotel. Left to his own devices, Punk tried reaching out to a contact provided by AEW, only to discover that the number was invalid.

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CM Punk: Navigating London’s Public Transport

With no immediate solution in sight, Punk resorted to using London’s public transport to find his way. For someone unfamiliar with the city’s intricate transport network, this could be a daunting task.

And indeed, Punk did get lost. However, in a twist of fate, some eagle-eyed fans recognised him and came to his aid. Their assistance proved invaluable, helping Punk navigate his way to his destination.

This entire episode wasn’t just hearsay. Photos circulating on social media captured Punk using public transport, confirming the authenticity of the claims.

Speculations and Social Media Buzz

The incident sparked a flurry of discussions and speculations on social media. Some pointed fingers at a specific member of the AEW travel team, suggesting potential personal biases against Punk.

Tweets insinuated that this individual might have pro-elite and anti-Punk sentiments. However, as of now, these remain mere speculations, and it’s crucial to await concrete evidence before drawing conclusions.

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The Bigger Picture: CM Punk and AEW

This travel mishap is just one piece of the puzzle in the ongoing Punk-AEW saga. Other reports indicate that Punk had a backstage altercation with Jack Perry, leading to both of them getting suspended. An investigation into this altercation is currently underway.

It’s evident that Punk’s relationship with AEW is under strain, and incidents like these only add fuel to the fire. Whether it’s a series of unfortunate oversights or something more sinister remains to be seen.

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