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MASSIVE AEW Star wants to create SUPER FACTION with CM Punk

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, alliances shift, and new factions emerge. One such faction that has left an indelible mark on AEW is The Pinnacle. Historically, this group played a pivotal role in aiding MJF in his battles against CM Punk. However, recent revelations suggest a potential twist in this tale.

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Wardlow’s Bold Proposition for CM Punk

Wardlow, a prominent figure in AEW and a former member of The Pinnacle, recently shared his thoughts on a possible reunion of the faction.

But this time, with a twist. Instead of MJF at the helm, he envisions CM Punk leading the charge. Speaking at Terrificon 2023, Wardlow expressed his enthusiasm for this idea.

He mentioned how incredible it would be for the group to reunite, embrace the “Pinnacle lifestyle,” and perhaps even throw some shade at MJF.

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The Anti-MJF Sentiment

Wardlow’s comments didn’t just stop at the idea of a reunion. He delved deeper into the dynamics of the AEW locker room.

According to him, there’s a mutual disdain for MJF that runs deep within the company (jokingly?).

He humorously remarked that if there were a faction titled “We hate MJF,” it would probably comprise the entire roster. This sentiment underscores the intense rivalries and emotions that fuel the world of professional wrestling.

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CM Punk: The Potential Leader

The idea of CM Punk leading The Pinnacle is intriguing. Known for his charisma, leadership skills, and unparalleled in-ring abilities, CM Punk could indeed be the catalyst that rejuvenates the faction.

With him at the forefront, The Pinnacle could reach new heights and dominate the AEW landscape.

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