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CM Punk ‘blamed’ for WWE having scripted promos

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Renowned for his rhetorical prowess, CM Punk stands as one of the most influential speakers of his generation in the wrestling world.

However, this vocal strength allegedly triggered a significant shift in WWE’s approach to promos, leading the company to adopt fully scripted segments’‹.

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The Turn of Events

CM Punk’s involvement with WWE spanned from 2006 to 2014. His departure was as noteworthy as his tenure; he famously walked out of the company after the 2014 Royal Rumble match.

This event marked a crucial turning point not only for Punk but also for WWE, which began to reassess its strategies for promos’‹.

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The Slaughter Reveal

In a discussion with Wrestle Binge, WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter unveiled the backstory behind WWE’s decision to switch to scripted promos.

According to Slaughter, Punk’s use of inappropriate language during live broadcasts led to Vince McMahon’s decisive action’‹.

Sgt. Slaughter recalled, “I was told that CM Punk was using the F-bomb on live television, and Vince got a little upset about that.” The alleged incident resulted in McMahon laying down a new rule: “That’s it, no more ad-libbing. We’re gonna script everything so I know what people are saying. I’m gonna lose my sponsors and my TV shows if I don’t.”

This pivotal decision marked a new direction for WWE, prioritising control over spontaneity to ensure the continued support of sponsors and media partners’‹.

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The Impact of CM Punk Legacy and his WWE legacy

CM Punk’s influence on WWE and its scripting policies is undeniable. His alleged misuse of language during live broadcasts led to a significant policy shift that continues to shape WWE’s operations today.

As the organisation strives to maintain its market position and cater to its diverse audience, the decision to enforce scripted promos has arguably contributed to a more polished and predictable WWE broadcast.

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