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Popular AEW star REACTS to company NIXING his return

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, plans can change in the blink of an eye, leaving fans and wrestlers alike grappling with the unexpected. This was precisely the case with Danhausen, the enigmatic wrestling personality known for his “Very Nice, Very Evil” persona, who recently found himself at the centre of such a scenario in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Danhausen, a unique character in the wrestling world, had been absent from AEW television for a considerable period.

The anticipation for his return had been building, especially after he made a brief appearance on AEW Rampage last week, announcing his imminent return.

However, to the surprise and disappointment of many, AEW Rampage came and went without any sign of Danhausen.

Danhausen’s Public Reaction to AEW Return Being Nixed

Reacting to this unexpected turn of events, Danhausen took to Twitter, echoing the sentiments of his fans with a “Where’s Danhausen” tweet.

This public display of bewilderment and subtle frustration resonated with his followers, who were equally puzzled about the whereabouts of his promised return to television.

The Unanswered Questions

This situation raises several questions about the inner workings of AEW’s decision-making. Danhausen’s absence, despite being promoted for a return, indicates a possible shift in the company’s plans or priorities.

It’s not uncommon in professional wrestling for storylines and appearances to be adjusted, but the lack of communication or explanation in such instances often leaves both the performers and the audience in a state of confusion.

The Friendship Factor

Adding another layer to this narrative is Danhausen’s well-known friendship with CM Punk, another now-former prominent figure in AEW

This relationship, highlighted by light-hearted exchanges like Punk sending Danhausen 14 cheeseburgers for no apparent reason recently, adds a personal dimension to the professional disappointment Danhausen might be experiencing.


  • What happened with Danhausen’s return to AEW?
    • Danhausen was promoted to return on AEW Rampage, but he did not appear as expected.
  • How did Danhausen react to his return being nixed?
    • He expressed his confusion and disappointment through a tweet asking, “Where’s Danhausen?”
  • Is Danhausen’s absence from AEW explained?
    • As of now, there’s no official explanation for Danhausen’s absence despite being promoted for a return.
  • Does Danhausen have a notable relationship with any other AEW wrestler?
    • Yes, he is known to be good friends with CM Punk.
  • What could be the reason for Danhausen’s absence?
    • It’s speculated that changes in AEW’s scheduling or priorities might have led to his absence, but there’s no confirmed reason.
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