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AEW star whose contract is set to expire reveals his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY

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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), stars often emerge with a blend of athleticism and charisma. Among them is Daniel Garcia, a wrestler who has carved a niche for himself with memorable performances.

As his contract with AEW nears its expiry this year, Garcia has openly discussed his aspirations and priorities in a recent interview with Adrian Hernandez.

AEW News: Garcia’s Focus on Securing His Future

Garcia’s immediate goal is clear: to earn another contract with AEW. He expressed a strong desire to demonstrate his value as a wrestler who can be the focal point of major storylines.

“My number one focus is just earning another contract and showing that I am somebody that can be built around and somebody that can be fully invested in as a top guy,” Garcia stated.

AEW News: Aspirations for Championship Gold

Beyond securing his place in AEW, Garcia has his sights set on winning singles titles. He believes that capturing gold is a definitive way to establish oneself as a top-tier wrestler.

“What better way to show that you can be a top guy than by winning a title?” Garcia remarked, highlighting his hunger for championship success.

Memorable Moments and Future Goals

Reflecting on his career so far, Garcia cited his main event match against Jon Moxley in 2022 as a standout moment. This match, held at the LA Forum, was a significant milestone for him. Garcia also hinted at some behind-the-scenes developments with fellow wrestler Isiah, though he remained tight-lipped about the details.

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  • What is Daniel Garcia’s main focus in AEW currently?
    • Garcia’s main focus is to earn another contract with AEW, proving himself as a top wrestler.
  • What are Garcia’s aspirations in AEW apart from securing a contract?
    • Garcia aims to win singles titles in AEW, seeing it as a way to establish his status as a top wrestler.
  • What was a memorable moment in Garcia’s AEW career?
    • His main event match against Jon Moxley in 2022 at the LA Forum stands out as a significant moment in his career.
  • Is Garcia’s contract with AEW expiring soon?
    • Yes, Daniel Garcia’s contract with AEW is set to expire this year.
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