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MAJOR POPULAR AEW star could be set to leave soon

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the future of Daniel Garcia, a prominent star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), hangs in the balance.

Recent developments suggest that Garcia’s tenure with AEW might be nearing its end, sparking discussions and speculations among fans and insiders alike.

Daniel Garcia: Uncertain Future in AEW

Daniel Garcia, known for his impressive in-ring skills and captivating persona, has become a significant figure in AEW.

However, during the Worlds End post-media scrum, Garcia hinted at the possibility of his contract with All Elite expiring soon. This revelation has raised questions about his future in the pro wrestling world.

Contract Negotiations in Limbo

Sean Ross Sapp, in his Fightful Backstage Report podcast, revealed that AEW currently does not have a new contract in place for Garcia.

This information is particularly intriguing given the attention and push Garcia has received from AEW’s management, especially from Tony Khan, the promotion’s president.

Sapp’s statement, “When I asked, I was told that they did not have a new contract for him,” underscores the uncertainty surrounding Garcia’s status with the company.

AEW’s Stance on Garcia’s Departure

AEW has experienced the departure of several big names in the past, and losing Garcia would be a significant blow to the promotion.

His potential exit raises concerns about AEW’s ability to retain top talent. As of now, Garcia’s situation with AEW remains unclear, with no concrete information on whether he will stay or move on to new opportunities.

Daniel Garcia Leaving: The Impact on AEW and the Wrestling Community

Garcia’s departure, if it happens, could have a notable impact on AEW’s roster dynamics and storylines.

His absence would leave a void that the company would need to fill, possibly by elevating other wrestlers or bringing in new talent.


  • What is Daniel Garcia’s current status with All Elite Wrestling? Garcia’s contract with the company is reportedly nearing its end, and there is no new contract in place at this time.
  • Has AEW commented on Garcia’s potential departure? There has been no official statement from All Elite Wrestling regarding Garcia’s contract situation.
  • What could Garcia’s departure mean for AEW? Losing Garcia could impact AEW’s roster depth and storyline development, requiring adjustments in their talent management strategy.
  • Is there any indication of where Garcia might go next? There is no clear indication of Garcia’s next move in the wrestling world if he leaves AEW.
  • How significant is Garcia to AEW’s roster? Garcia is considered a significant talent in AEW, known for his in-ring abilities and charisma.
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