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The world of professional wrestling is buzzing with the news of Dante Martin, a rising star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), nearing his return to the ring.

Martin, known for his high-flying and electrifying in-ring style, has been sidelined due to a severe injury sustained earlier this year.

AEW Injury: A Devastating Setback

In March, during the ROH Supercard of Honor event, Dante Martin experienced a catastrophic injury. This occurred when he executed a Canadian Destroyer outside the ring, a move that resulted in him crashing through a table.

This unfortunate incident left the wrestling community and his fans in shock, as Martin had been showcasing his exceptional talents on both AEW and ROH platforms​​.

The Road to Recovery

In a recent update from Fightful Select, it was revealed that Martin is making significant progress in his recovery.

According to sources, he was spotted backstage at a recent AEW show, indicating that his return could be imminent.

Commentator Ian Riccaboni remarked in July that Martin’s recovery was ahead of schedule, a positive sign for his fans eagerly awaiting his comeback​​.

Team Dynamics and Future AEW Plans

The absence of Dante Martin from the ring led to his brother, Darius Martin, forming a new alliance with Action Andretti on AEW and ROH shows.

This team-up has been well-received, but fans are excited about the potential of the Martin brothers reuniting in the ring once Dante is cleared to compete.

As of now, AEW has not disclosed any specific creative plans for Dante Martin upon his return​​.


  • What injury did Dante Martin sustain?
    • Dante Martin suffered a serious injury during the ROH Supercard of Honor in March when performing a Canadian Destroyer outside the ring, leading to a crash through a table.
  • When is Dante Martin expected to return?
    • While a specific date has not been set, Dante Martin is reported to be nearing a return to the ring, as indicated by his recent presence backstage at an AEW show.
  • Has Dante Martin’s brother, Darius, continued wrestling in his absence?
    • Yes, Darius Martin has been teaming up with Action Andretti in both AEW and ROH during Dante’s recovery period.
  • Are there any plans for Dante Martin upon his return?
    • As of the latest reports, AEW has not announced specific creative plans for Dante Martin’s return to action.

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