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AEW star reveals WHY she had a “bad reputation” in WWE NXT

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In a candid interview on Talk Is Jericho, Deonna Purrazzo, fresh from her AEW debut, opened up about her journey through the wrestling world, including her time in WWE NXT and TNA.

Purrazzo’s insights shed light on the challenges and triumphs of her career, offering a unique perspective on the wrestling industry.

AEW News: Transition from TNA to AEW

Purrazzo discussed her decision to leave TNA, where she had a successful run as a champion.

She felt she had accomplished all she could within the company, having worked with all the women in the locker room and feeling a lack of new challenges.

This realisation led her to seek new opportunities, ultimately leading to her AEW debut, which she described as a dream come true.

AEW News: The Debut Experience

Her debut in AEW was a highly emotional and secretive affair. Purrazzo shared the unique experience of being hidden under a tarp in a wheelchair to maintain the surprise element of her appearance.

This debut was not only a professional milestone but also a deeply personal moment, as her family was present to witness her step into the AEW ring.

The NXT Experience and Reputation

Purrazzo’s time in NXT was marked by her straightforward and vocal approach, which she believes contributed to her “bad reputation.”

“I think I was a little bit too vocal about the things that I thought weren’t right or should be changed. Then when it came to me being TV ready or whatever, I was very vocal about like, ‘Just tell me what you don’t like and what you do like, and I’ll do the things you do like, and I’ll work on the things you don’t like. Just be straight up.’

“I’m a 100% honest person, just be honest with me. No one could tell me, ‘We don’t like this, we do like this’ and finally I just had a breaking point of like, this isn’t working for anybody. It sure as hell is not working for me.”


  • Why did Deonna Purrazzo leave TNA?
    • She felt she had achieved everything possible there, with no new challenges left.
  • What was her experience like debuting in AEW?
    • It was an emotional and secretive process, with her family present for the debut.
  • Why did she have a “bad reputation” in NXT?
    • Her direct and vocal approach about her frustrations led to this perception.
  • What are Purrazzo’s aspirations in AEW?
    • She’s looking forward to potential matches with Toni Storm and Britt Baker, exploring various storylines.
  • How did she maintain the surprise element for her AEW debut?
    • She was hidden under a tarp in a wheelchair until her reveal.
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