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Eddie Kingston rips into AEW legend for backstage antics

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All Elite Wrestling star Eddie Kingston recently ripped into an AEW legend for their antics backstage following their recent feud.

Speaking to Under The Ring, Kingston claimed that he does not like Chris Jericho, in what appeared to be a meshing of reality and storyline.

“Oh I hated them all, I hated every single one of them,” Kingston began, speaking about his matches with the former WWE Superstar.

“I don’t like any of my work plus I don’t like Chris. Being in the ring with him was a headache, it was seven months of a headache but I’m proud that it’s over, for now,” Kingston added.

“Knowing Chris, [he’ll] probably do something to get me mad and we’ll probably get back in there” the former CZW star noted.

Eddie Kingston on Chris Jericho

“Did I learn a lot? Yeah, I learned what it was to be a snake backstage like Chris” Kingston stated, getting pretty angry.

“I learned to avoid people like Chris and his group, so I did learn from it but it was seven months of my life that I can’t have back so thanks a lot, Chris” Eddie Kingston concluded.

It’s really hard to tell with Kingston as to whether he is in character or just shooting from the hip. Hell, he could be doing both.

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