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Eddie Kingston makes huge claim regarding CM Punk and AEW locker room

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In the world of professional wrestling, camaraderie and competition often go hand in hand. A recent case in point is the controversy brewing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), but what has Eddie Kingston said about it?

There were reports of a divide among the ranks that have been making waves. Rumours of a fracture within the AEW personnel came to light following CM Punk’s return, his ESPN interview, and the ensuing Collision promo.

Some expressed concern about a potential ‘ticking time bomb’ of issues leading to another incident’‹, mainly through Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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Eddie Kingston’s Take on the AEW Divide

Amidst the swirling rumours, Eddie Kingston, a prominent figure in AEW, has stepped forward to share his perspective.

In a recent interview with The New York Post, Kingston was questioned about Punk’s comeback and the alleged disunity within the AEW locker room.

Kingston candidly responded, “I see the reports. I see the clickbait on YouTube. But the locker room is not divided, not the people I hang out with”.’‹

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Eddie Kingston Dismisses Claims of Discontent

Kingston’s dismissal of the reported divide highlights his unique insight as an active member of the AEW roster.

He further emphasized that any actions Punk takes, if beneficial to the company, should not invite criticism. He insisted that the people he associates with within the company are not bothered by the events that have unfolded.

He stated, “Punk’s gonna do what Punk does and if whatever Punk does helps this company, no one can say anything.”’‹

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Kingston’s Circle: Unfazed by the Drama

When asked if Punk’s comments had unsettled a large portion of the team, Kingston was unwavering. He asserted that neither he nor his crew were perturbed by the unfolding events. In his words, “Not me, man. Not my crew of people I hang out with. Maybe there’s that one per cent that are bothered but the people I chill with, they’re good. They don’t care.”’‹

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