Eddie Kingston says he will never leave AEW

Eddie Kingston AEW Loyalty

Image Courtesy @AEW

AEW star Eddie Kingston recently revealed why he never has any intentions of leaving All Elite Wrestling at any point in the future.

Speaking to The Straight Shooters podcast, Kingston revealed why he plans to stay loyal to the company that gave him a chance on the big stage.

“Yeah, I can just answer that now. Where am I gonna go, dog? I’m good, I worked for this, I don’t care, I don’t. I worked for this” Kingston began.

Eddie Kingston on AEW loyalty

“AEW gave me my shot first, right? You know what I mean? I’m a loyal guy. I’m not knocking anybody, just chill … but when people say, ‘Yeah, I’m here forever,’ that’s cool. That’s them” Kingston added.

“I’m telling you from me and my word is my bond. I ain’t got nowhere else to go and don’t wanna be anywhere else” the former Chikara performer added.

“I’m having a blast trying to beat up people in the ring, trying to be world champ. Wherever I’m at, trying to be better than I was yesterday” Eddie Kingston concluded.

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