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AEW All In: Rumour killer on SENSATIONAL WWE Superstar appearing

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Edge will apparently not be able to make an ALL IN appearance.

The Rated R Superstar wrestled what was the final match of his current WWE contract on SmackDown this Friday. He defeated Sheamus in a very physical bout and the two shared a hug afterward.

Ever since then, people have been speculating about the former world champion’s future. Many believe he will join AEW to reunite with his best friend Christian. If Edge is going to join AEW, the best possible place for him would be the upcoming ALL IN event in London.

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Edge is not ALL IN

Edge spoke with FAN Morning Show (H/t Fightful) ahead of his SmackDown match and commented on his future. He reiterated that he isn’t sure about his decision:

“I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, I have, for sure, but I realize that I haven’t come to any conclusions, and I’m kind of torn, honestly. I don’t want to do this to the point where I don’t feel like I’m able to have the output that I want. Only I know how I feel when I’m deep into a match. ‘Ooff, Okay, didn’t do enough cardio’ or ‘I did all the cardio and still feel this way.’

The Hall of Famer also revealed that his contract actually expires at the end of September, meaning that he won’t be able to make an appearance at ALL IN on August 27:

“That’s why I really want to collect myself after this thing, take a big ol’ deep breath and decide what that is. My contract is up at the end of September. This is my last contracted match. I have a lot of decisions to make. I can’t do it now. I have to see how Friday goes. I know that’s not a clear answer, but I don’t have it yet,”

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