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HUGE WWE legend joining AEW is ‘closer than ever’

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments surrounding WWE and AEW. With the recent signing of Jade Cargill by WWE, many are left wondering about the future of other superstars, particularly the legendary Edge.

Rumours have been swirling for some time now about Edge’s potential move to AEW. The speculation has only intensified with recent reports suggesting that the WWE legend’s shift to AEW is imminent.

This isn’t the first time such rumours have surfaced. A month ago, similar reports hinted at Edge’s possible AEW debut. Now, Boozer Wrestling has given an indication that it is ‘closer than ever’ to happening: “Edge is closer to AEW more than ever apparently. Mind blown on how this business have changed yet so similar to WCW/WWF. The E are playing the right cards right now. Unless something big pops in AEW books in the future.”

The wrestling community is now more convinced than ever that Edge’s transition to AEW is not just a possibility but a near certainty.

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WWE’s New Acquisition: Jade Cargill

On the flip side, WWE has made a significant move by signing Jade Cargill. The talented wrestler is set to make her WWE debut soon.

However, it remains uncertain whether she will start in NXT or directly join the main roster. With Edge’s speculated departure and Cargill’s arrival, it seems the two might be crossing paths, albeit in different promotions.

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What Lies Ahead?

The future is unpredictable, especially in the fast-paced world of professional wrestling.

Only time will reveal the next big move or surprise that awaits fans.

As both WWE and AEW continue to make strategic decisions, the wrestling landscape is set for some exciting times ahead.

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  • Q: Is Edge joining AEW? A: While nothing is confirmed, recent reports and speculations strongly suggest that Edge is closer than ever to joining AEW.
  • Q: Who has WWE recently signed? A: WWE has recently signed Jade Cargill. It’s yet to be determined if she will debut in NXT or join the main roster directly.
  • Q: How does Jade Cargill’s signing relate to Edge’s potential move? A: With WWE signing Jade Cargill and the increasing rumours of Edge moving to AEW, it appears the two might be making transitions to different promotions around the same time.
  • Q: Are there any other recent significant moves between WWE and AEW? A: As of now, the most talked-about developments are Jade Cargill’s signing with WWE and the speculations surrounding Edge’s move to AEW.
  • Q: How often do wrestlers switch between promotions? A: Switching between promotions has been a common occurrence in the wrestling world, reminiscent of the WCW/WWF era. The frequency varies based on contracts, opportunities, and individual wrestler decisions.

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