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MASSIVE AEW Stars Sign HUGE New Deals to Stay with the Company

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In a significant development for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the company’s top stars, collectively known as The Elite, have signed new multi-year contracts.

The Elite, comprising Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page, have committed their future to AEW, ensuring the company’s continued growth and success.

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The Elite’s Impact on AEW

The Elite have been instrumental in AEW’s rise as a formidable alternative to WWE. Their in-ring prowess, combined with their roles as Executive Vice Presidents, have helped shape the company’s unique identity and appeal to a broad spectrum of wrestling fans.

Their decision to stay with AEW is a testament to their belief in the company’s vision and its potential to redefine professional wrestling.

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Kenny Omega’s Statement

Kenny Omega, one of the founding members of The Elite, expressed his satisfaction with the new deal in an interview with Sports Illustrated. He emphasised that the original goal of creating a wrestling alternative has been achieved, and he is proud of the platform AEW has provided for talented wrestlers:

“Our original goal was to create a wrestling alternative and give a platform to talented people that we’d all felt deserved a spotlight. I feel like we did our best in that time, and hopefully, some people you’d never heard of pre-AEW are folks you enjoy watching today. Or if you knew them from their previous work elsewhere, have maybe found a new appreciation for them. That feeling, combined with the feeling of knowing they can provide for themselves and their family doing what they love, was always the biggest reward of being an EVP/founder.”

Omega also highlighted the opportunities AEW offers for him to diversify his style and challenge all forms of pro wrestling. He expressed his commitment to helping others in the industry while continuing to perform at a high level.

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The Young Bucks’ Perspective

Matt Jackson, one half of the tag team The Young Bucks, stressed the importance of The Elite to AEW. He noted that they are the main characters of the company and losing them would have been akin to losing the foundation of a home.

Jackson also mentioned that the decision to stay with AEW was influenced by the desire to create a lasting legacy and the opportunity to be part of a massively successful wrestling company.

Nick Jackson, the other half of The Young Bucks, echoed his brother’s sentiments.

He highlighted the importance of the schedule and the financial aspect of the deal. With a wife and three young children, the ability to balance family life with a wrestling career was a significant factor in his decision to stay with AEW.

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