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Eric Bischoff is CONVINCED that AEW is “partly-owned” by major company

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Recently, a new theory has been making the rounds, courtesy of Eric Bischoff, a veteran wrestling personality and former executive producer of WCW.

Bischoff has expressed his conviction that All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a major player in the wrestling industry, is partly owned by a significant company: Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD).

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Eric Bischoff’s Theory: WBD’s Stake in AEW

Bischoff’s belief stems from recent developments in the wrestling industry. News emerged that WBD, known for being AEW’s broadcast partner, is keen on AEW introducing monthly pay-per-view events. This move would mirror the current schedule of WWE, AEW’s primary competitor.

On his podcast, Strictly Business, Bischoff proposed that this request from WBD might indicate their partial control over AEW.

He speculated, “Why would Warner Discovery encourage AEW to produce more pay-per-views? My guess is because Warner Discovery owns a piece, and they see the revenue and they want a share in it.”

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Eric Bischoff on the Revenue Angle: AEW’s Pay-Per-View Success

AEW’s pay-per-view events are a significant source of revenue for the company. With a few major events each year, including Revolution, Double or Nothing, All In, All Out, and Full Gear, these events draw large audiences and generate substantial income.

Bischoff’s theory suggests that WBD, seeing the potential revenue from these events, wants to increase their frequency to boost their share of the profits.

“I’m guessing that Warner Discovery probably owns a piece of AEW, that’s part of their overall deal. And as such, sees revenue potential there that is readily available and they want at it,” Bischoff stated.

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The Connection: WBD and AEW’s Distribution Network

Adding credence to Bischoff’s theory is the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery owns Bleacher Report, the distributor of AEW’s pay-per-view events. This connection could potentially provide WBD with a vested interest in the success of AEW’s pay-per-view schedule.

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