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Eric Bischoff on AEW – “You’re burning up resources for less than a million viewers”

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Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently discussed the AEW vs WWE mini-battle that took place when SmackDown appeared on FS1 a couple of weeks ago and went head-to-head with AEW Rampage for the opening half-hour of the TNT show.

Bischoff would slate Tony Khan and AEW for putting CM Punk out on Rampage and have the show do such a low number, losing out to SmackDown in the half-hour but beating them in the 18-49 demo.

“Punk debuted and [the ratings] were high. Since that time, they’re right back down to 500,000 or 600,000 viewers” Bischoff began.

“Now, Tony says well they decided they were gonna go head to head with us and put Punk and Sydal ’“ this is not negative towards Punk or Sydal, but what did it do? Not much arguably. But what did happen is WWE forced ’“ by doing that overlap into AEW’s timeslot ’“ a situation where CM Punk is now opening the show. CM Punk” Eric Bischoff continued.

Eric Bischoff on CM Punk and Tony Khan

“I don’t know what the final number ended up being, but let’s say it went up to 600,000 viewers. WWE made a move that was the catalyst for Tony Khan to take his highest-profile, hottest piece of talent and put him in that timeslot, and the show did less than a million viewers” Bischoff highlighted.

“How is that a f*cking win burning up talent and putting someone into a match with no storyline or angle? It was indylicious. You’re burning up resources and you walked away with less than a million or 800,000 viewers’ the former WWE Executive Director of SmackDown concluded.

It’s hard not to agree with Bischoff here, but at the same time moves like the one that Khan pulled off was part of his MO as the head of WCW and when he worked with TNA.

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